Dental Implant Training – Zygomatic and full arch training

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zygomatic implant training 2023
Zygomatic implants Dental Implant Training uk
Full arch implants Dental Implant Training uk
Advanced bone grafting and sinus lifts Dental Implant Training uk
Single implant Dental Implant Training uk
We are the only full arch and zygomatic live patient course that meets the new mentoring requirements provided by the Adi and ITI and CG dent.
The only live patient implant course by surgeons who have been involved in implants for over 15 years.
Live patient course associated with AIT advanced implant training.

Dental Implant training in 2023

Looking to increase your skill in placing dental implants? – Dental implant training you were looking for!

For dentists who want to increase their knowledge and expertise in implant surgery, this advanced course is sure to help you learn to place dental implants with confidence.

If you are a dental practitioner, you can increase your knowledge on Full-Arch and Zygomatic implants. This allows you to practice on real patients in a safe and controlled environment under supervision from experienced surgeons.

Our training gives you all the tools to achieve success in your dental implant interest.

All 5 days are supervised by Dr. Zakir and Dr. George. You will learn the entire process of placing a dental implant from planning to surgical placement. The course will be delivered by internationally recognized experts in their field and includes live cases with the provision of CPD certificates upon successful completion of the course.

The ratio of instructors to delegates in the course is very high.
This ensures that each participant receives personalized attention and guidance throughout the training program, enabling them to develop their implant placement skills to the fullest.

Dr Nafees Zakir dental implant training uk
Dr. Nafees Zakir

BDS, PGCert, PGDip, MSc

Dr Pynadath George - Dental Implant Training uk
Dr. Pynadath Geroge

BDS, MFDS, MSc, MSc, DClinDent

Dr. Alexander Salvoni - Dental Implant Training uk
Dr. Alexander Salvoni


The course is divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Delegates will be encouraged to see two patients in the morning for treatment planning and begin surgery at 12 noon on an implant patient under supervision. Live surgery will continue until 16:00. There will be special ‘hands-on’ workshops in the beginning of every day of the programme where delegates can familiarise themselves with surgical kit and instruments used during the programme.

By joining this course, you will learn the clinical practice of placing Full-Arch and Zygomatic implants by treating live patients.

This highly successful and dynamic course provides participants with the opportunity to practise on live patients, with guidance from an expert team. The course provides knowledge-based learning about treating patients that suffer from missing teeth or replacing decayed teeth with implants. Aimed at both junior doctors who are learning new skills, this course also is beneficial for senior dentists as they can further their knowledge and understanding of new fields of dentistry.

Dr nafees zakir dental implants uk

Dental Implant training summary

  • Live patients being treated daily
  • Minimum of 2 live cases a day
  • Treatment planning and treating a patient in the morning and afternoon
  • All treatments are supervised by Dr Zakir and Dr George
Course covers
  • Live aspects of surgical placement of dental implants.
  • Planning and surgical placement of the zygomatic and full-arch implants
  • Anatomy of the regions and surgical placement of the implant.
Learning aims

Formalize the theory that you’ve learned on zygomatic and full arch implants.

Learning outcomes

Becoming proficient in placing dental implants for implant surgery.

CPD certificates will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


Dr nafees zakir dental implants uk

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What our delegates are saying?

dental implant training review

Dr Tarek Assi

Florida, US

”I highly recommend coming to Brazil and doing this course. Nafees, George and Alex – amazing mentors!”

dental implant training Veerinder Singh Nazran

Dr Veerinder Singh Nazran

Birmingham, UK

”The amount of experience I’ve had on this course is UNBELIEVABLE! My surgical skill has just gone through the roof!”